Our company has been established end of 2010 by 6 partners to share competences and forces:

  • La Graine informatique ensures IT infrastructure
  • Bergue Developpement & Projets manages customers relations, communication and strategy
  • And 4 transporters : Ageneau, Béziau, Durand et GAT operate and steer the operational logistic ressources

Vision & strategy

In our vision, RTIs management is a very specific activity that requires dedicated skills and competences as : reliable IT platform to track and trace the data, and efficient logistic infrastructure (transport facilities and depots).

Our mission is defined as such :

Create global performance through reverse logistic optimization.

Our aim is to become a key player in management of specific RTIs used in horticulture and industrial supply chains.

Key figures

  • More than 130 000 rolls flower trolleys on year base
  • Collections on more than 1950 outlets
  • More than 7500 collections in 2018
  • 60 to 70 trucks per week in peak season
  • 18 depots on French territory


Main staff in Angers headquarter:

Eric Bergue : CEO & Sales manager
Richard Souchet : COO, logistic and IT manager
Sylvain Corre : Logistic coordinator
Jean Xavier : Administration assistant
Gabriel Robert : Logistic assistant

And our transport planners team located in regions :

Gregory Lecam & Stéphanie Riou (Transports Ageneau - 49)
Pascal Lundi & Vanessa di Nardi (Transports BEZIAU - 85)
Gilles Delaruelle & Philippe Blondin(Transports Durand – 69)
Jérôme Palais (GAT – 61)


DATA-service : web mode IT plateform dedicated to RTIs self-management

Collection-service : integrated and full service of data management, physical collection and delivery back on site of industrial RTIs

Logistic-service : Tailor made services as storage, order preparation, sorting and stacking

Our strengths:

  • Top quality IT plateform, simple, reliable, friendly usage and customer oriented
  • Integrated organization (data management & transport)
  • Dedicated staff
  • Flows massification and optimization
  • On-time data management
  • Various type of RTIs compatible
  • Specialized transporters